PRIMUS Fitness

Saturday, Iron Knight Training 1

Teams of 4 – Iron Knight Training 1 CONOP

Each team required to carry 1 piece of equipment:

RX+: Rucksack with (40/20 lbs) of weight
RX: Sandbag

Iron Knight Run – All four athletes do movements at the same time at each station.

  • Mailbox: 50 lunges per person, all athletes at same time. One athlete lunges with weight.
  • Cul-de-sac: 50 push-ups each, all athletes at same time (no weight)
  • End of alley: 50 sit-ups each, all athletes at same time (no weight)
  • At stop sign (do not go into the gym): bear crawl to far cone, then run to next station.
  • Mailbox: 25 burpees each (no weight)
  • Run back to cone: Team tire flip to stop sign and back (80 meters)
  • 400m run

Go inside gym – Discard rucksack or sandbag. Weightlifting is U-go-I-go.

60 OHS (115/85)(95/65)
60 thrusters (135/95)(115/85)
60 front squats (155/105)(135/95)
60 cleans (185/115)(155/105)

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