PRIMUS Fitness

Beyond the Wall II, 8-29-2020

Teams of 4 – “Beyond the Wall II”

4 x 50m relay sprints with burpee climb-over tire wall both ways

Team equipment run to grassy field (barbell, weight, slammer ball) (95/65)

Field lunges – (95/65) back rack lunges out and back. Other teammates do regular walking lunges and switch as needed.

Cul-de-sac: 30 bentover rows + 30 ball slams (2 people working at once)

End of alley: 50 sit-ups each (4 teammates working)

Stop sign: 30 S2O + 30 ball slams each (2 people working at once)

Go inside gym for CrossFit:
4 rounds per person: (u-go-I-go)
5 thrusters (135/95) (115/85)
1 rope climb
5 burpee over bar

Murphy Loop team tire flip

For time.

Original Beyond the Wall from 8/11/2017

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