PRIMUS Fitness

Saturday, 7-2-2020

Operation: Independence Day V

Teams of 4 (u-go-I-go unless otherwise noted)

30 sit-ups at same time
8 rope climbs
2 teammates run 800m, 2 teammates row 1100m

3 x 80m Sled push (2/1 plates) per person

After sled, go to grassy field with barbell & weight (95/65). Full team goes at the same time w/barbell and weights. Weights may be distributed for the lunges.

100M walking lunges with equipment.

Continue equipment carry around loop:
At 800M marker – 120 push presses (95/65)

Continue back to gym for lift-off:
48 cleans (155/105) (135/95)
48 snatches (135/95) (115/75)
48 thrusters (115/75) (95/65)

2 x 80m Sled push (2/1 plates) per person.

For time.

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