PRIMUS Fitness

Saturday, 2-14-2020

4 person teams

For time must complete part A and part B to complete WOD:

Part A – One teammate completes the following and then switches out to Part B
400m run
5 thrusters (135/95) (115/75)
10 pull-ups
15 double unders

Each person will do 2 rounds of the above (8 total rounds for the team)

Part B – Other three teammates are working on the following:
Teammate #2 – 8K row
Teammate #3 – Back rack hold (135/95)
Teammate #4 – Resting

Switch teammates as much as needed while teammate 1 is doing Part A.

Each teammate has to do Part A twice. Once the 8K row and Part A is completed, the team is done with the WOD. If you finish either part early, you get extra rest.

If the part A is completed first, the extra teammate may join the rotation for part B.

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