PRIMUS Fitness

Saturday, 09-26-2015


“Magnum 445”

Magnum 445 the name of the SH-60 Aircraft that former FireBase member Nate Hemphill’s close friend LT Rob Elortegui was the pilot of. He and 2 other sailors died 10 years ago on 9/24 during a training mission off the coast of North Carolina. The two other sailors who died that night were LT Nick Brantly and AW3 Oterolebron.Nick left behind a wife. Rob was engaged to be married at the time and was to be in Nate’s wedding just 1 month later.

44 Push Ups
44 Sit Ups
44 Box Jumps 24/20
44 Deadlifts 135/95
44 Shoulder to OH 135/95
44 DB Squat Cleans 25/15
44 DU’s (3-to-1 singles)
44 4-count Flutter Kicks
44 Burpees
44 Pull Ups
*If you have a weight vest – wear it!


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