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Rob Orlando Strongman Throwdown WODs Released

WODS Released! 
Sign up by 10/2 to confirm you get your shirt!
Event 1
6-4-2 Atlas Stone Thrusters (35 pounds up to 115 pounds)
18-12-6 pullups(scalable to banded, jumping, or to ring rows for athletes that cannot complete traditional pullups)
Event 2
Log “Grace” (6 min cap)
Women’s weight will be 45-85 pounds
Men’s weight will be 115-135 pounds
Event 3
Yoke/Burpee Ladder (4 min)
50′ carry/ 2 burpees–50′ carry/ 4 burpees–50′ carry/ 6 burpees etc…..

Check in from 4:30 – 5:15 PM

Events begin at 5:30 PM
There will be 3 Strongman Events over the course of the evening. Afterwards, Rob and the crew will be hanging around, so come out and meet them. Spectators are welcome, as well. We look forward to seeing you at the event.
Follow the link below to register for the event:
Rob Orlando’s Southeast Strongman Tour!


To find out more info about Rob Orlando and Hybrid Athletics, check out:
Hybrid Athletics Homepage

Questions? Hit up Kyle at the FireBase kyle [at] crossfitfirebase [dot] com



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