PRIMUS Fitness

“Pain Storm”

As a four person team, complete:
3k Row (750m per person)
200 Pull Ups
150 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Movements can be completed in any order.  Only one person working at a time on all movements.
Then the entire team must complete 100 yard lunge walk.

Then move to 800m Prowler Sled Push (50#M/20#W).  Only one person on the prowler at a time. Once athlete completes a push, athlete must execute 5 push ups. The sled does not have to stop for push ups. Athletes must keep up with the sled.
*If at any point athlete takes weight off of sled, team must move with the weight.

At 500m mark, teams must complete 100 Team Burpees (“You-Go-I-Go”) then complete last 300m of Prowler push to finish line (same standards).

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