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On the Open…

The Open was a special time at the FireBase. We started the season by trying to get everyone in the gym to sign up for this thing and win the largest affiliate in the Southeast, and we came darn close. 162 of you joined the journey this year. Then, on the first Wednesday of the Open, everyone was sweating it, waiting and watching to find out what the workout was. There was a kind of nervous excitement amongst the seasoned athletes and people testing themselves for the second or third time. New members and newcomers to the Open were terrified, but quickly found out they could get at least a score of 40. The next day, they embarked on the journey for the burpees. But, when they got to the bar, thinking they couldn’t do it, they found themselves surrounded by people yelling and cheering just for them. Many of them had never even snatched the beginning weight before. In a mix of nerves and adrenaline, surrounded by people who want to see them succeed, many of them got that first snatch and then a few more. For the second and third year athletes, it was a time to test progress, a time to see how they compared. This is the story of the Open.

Thursdays were hectic and packed with activity, but the energy was electric. People were staying well beyond their class hours just to cheer for each other and to see how each other would fare. Saturday afternoons were packed with first time validations and people seeking to best their previous performances from the week and push their limits. One member commented to me how he wished it could be like this all the time, and my response was, “It can be. It’s up to you.”

One of my earliest memories at FireBase is of a horrible Bear Crawl at the end of a workout. I remember, distinctly, hearing FTP yelling to me “Keep your head down and just crawl to my voice! I’m not leaving until I see you finish this.” Without moments like those, I might not have stuck around. Those are the moments we remember. Those are the moments that we find out that we are more than we believed and we share that with others who believed in us more than we believed in ourselves.

So, energy, excitement and encouragement are the story of the Open. But, it doesn’t have to end there. Community, support, encouragement, integrity and hard work are the story of FireBase. Those things are my story. They are the story of us all. It didn’t begin with the Open and it, certainly, doesn’t end with the Open. The Open serves as a reminder of who we are as a community.  These are the things that FireBase is built on. This is meant to be a shared experience of excitement, achievement, failure and adversity. However, in all these things we are together. We are here to celebrate each others’ achievements. We are here to cheer each other on when it sucks. And, we are here to encourage each other to fight again tomorrow, when we fail. We are here to push each other beyond what we thought we could otherwise accomplish.

Let’s see what we can accomplish together this year. Let’s see how far we can push each other’s limits. Let’s share in the joys and adversities of not just CrossFit, but of life together. Let’s remember what we learned about ourselves and about each other these last few weeks.


See you in the Gym (or the office),

Kyle (Mullah)

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