PRIMUS Fitness

Monday, 3-11-2019

Strength: Back squats
Heavy singles at 90% of 1RM

Warm-up: 200m murphy loop + 5 strict pull-ups.

10 rounds
100m run
5 strict pullups
5 box jump overs (24/20)

Scaled: Fewer pull-up reps. Box step-overs can also be substituted.
L2: weighted pull-ups
L3: weight vests

Cool down: 400m group walk

Notes: For strength back squats, work up to a heavy single around 90%. Do four sets of heavy singles.

The conditioning workout is focused on pull-up strength. 50 strict pull-ups is challenging for most people. If you can only do 3-4 pull-ups in a round because you’re smoked, that is ok. Do not do pull-ups till failure. No kipping or butterfly at all on this. If you’re really good at pull-ups, try weighted or even with a weight vest if you’re a beast. Scaled can also be banded or jumping pull-ups. This is also a good cardio workout to kick off the week.

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