PRIMUS Fitness

Monday 11-04-2019

Barbell Warm up

Strength: Clean Complex

Every 90 Seconds for 8 Rounds
1 Power Clean + 1 Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat

For Time
600m Run
15 Hang Clean 60-70%
9 Burpee Over Bar
400m Run
12 Hang Clean
9 Burpee Over Bar
200m Run
9 Hang Clean
9 Burpee Over Bar

WOD Notes:
Today’s strength session should focus on technique. Work up to a heavy unbroken complex. For the WOD, the hang cleans are at 60-70% of your heaviest complex lifted today. The hang cleans should be completed in two sets or less. Burpee rep count stays the same for the whole workout. Pick a pace on burpees that will keep you moving. Your goal is to finish under 15 Mins.

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