PRIMUS Fitness

MLK Day, 1-21-2019


Squats – 7×60%, 6×65%, 5×75%, 3×80%, 2×85%, AMRAP 70%

5-6’ warm-up for snatches.

16’ EMOM – 4 sets of the below
1 – 1 full snatch (heavy-ish)
2 – 10 dips (any type)
3 – 10 heavy wall balls (25/20)
4 – 10 box jumps (24/20 or higher with step downs)

3’ AMRAP of the following

  • Sprint length of the floor
  • 5 wall balls (20/14)
  • Sprint length of the floor
  • 5 box jumps (24/20)
  • Sprint length of the floor

WOD Tips:

The EMOM is a skill session. Practice good full snatch technique. Members should try to go heavier on the wall balls to build strength and use those shiny new slammer balls. Also try to go higher on the box jumps for explosiveness. No rebounding, step downs only. Use your coaches on this one to make sure you’re doing everything right! After the EMOM, take a few minutes of rest and set up for the AMRAP.

The ending 3’ AMRAP is a fun, lung-burning sprint. Everyone should set their boxes in a line on the far side of the gym from the wall so they have to run the distance of the floor, everyone equal distance. Veteran members can use heavier wall balls and higher boxes for an added challenge. Rebounding is ok on this one. This is as much about precision of movements as it capacity. Start at your box and run to the wall for the first set of wall balls. Try not to run into each other.

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