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Member Spotlight “NAS”

This month’s member spotlight is Nicole “Nas” Nasrallah. Nas has been a member of the FireBase exactly 4 years to the day, December 19th 2013! Like so many others, Nas came to the gym with specific goals in mind, but has found so much more than that. One of the strongest members in the gym (That’s right guys, she lifts more than you!), Nas is one of the first to welcome and befriend new members, and is always good for harassing long-time members.

Thanks Nas for being such a great role model for the gym. Happy Anniversary!!


What was your fitness routine like before joining the FireBase?

Before joining Firebase, I was part of a boot camp where we did circuit training with mostly body weight movements for about a year.  Before that I was only running….yes that’s right RUNNING!


What prompted you to look into CrossFit and how did you end up at the FireBase?

My sister was at a box up in Kansas and Jenny Miranda was already at Firebase. They both kept telling me to give it a try and so finally I did and I have loved it ever since!

What were some of the goals you were looking to accomplish when you joined the Firebase? 

I wanted to lose weight so I would feel good about myself! Little did I know I was going to get stronger too!




What has been the biggest difference you have seen in your health fitness levels? 

Definitely strength and endurance! I remember looking at the rx weights when I first started and wondering if I would ever get there!

What do you enjoy most about training at the FireBase? 

Definitely the people! I love how we interact with each other, encourage each other and rag on each other! I have made lifelong friends here and will forever be grateful to Firebase for that!

What one movement in CrossFit do you think promotes the best results and why?

Deadlifts!!  I feel like every muscle has to fire to get the weight off the ground! I can’t believe how much cardio is involved in weight lifting!!

What would you say to anyone thinking about trying CrossFit, but is uncertain about doing it? 

I know it looks intense and intimidating but once you jump in you will love it! The people are so welcoming and will help you get through it! Everyone was a beginner at some point so we all know what you are going through! Just go at your own pace!


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