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“Keep Movin’ Buddy”

With a continuous running clock, two person team must complete 400m Run.  Upon return to parking lot, Partner 1 performs the prescribed exercise while Partner 2 performs a "Carry" for a total of 50 meters.  Exercises and Carries are listed below and should be performed in order.

Exercises                                                                                      Carries

1) Med Ball Cleans                                                                      Lunges
2) Sumo-Deadlift High Pull Farmer’s Carry
3) Push Press                                                                               Spartan Carry
4) Kettlebell Swings                                                                  Frog Jumps
5) Dumbbell Burpees                                                               Bear Crawls

After each partner performs all 10 movements, both will run 800m.   Post times to comment section.  Let us know your thoughts.
0900-  Corey and John D – 20:54
              Fast Jen and Meredith- 22:08              
              Scott and Andrew- 23:02
              Mike and Tim- 23:23
              Pool Guy and Wright- 24:24              

1000- Chrissy and Kathy- 28:50
             Becky and Sheryl- 35;45

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