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Join Us on Friday, 12/19 for the “Wilson 7”

FireBase will be conducting a WOD in honor of Tim’s parents who passed away this year.  Please join us in honoring and supporting one of our own. 


Below is a note from Tim:

I know at Cross Fit we honor fallen heroes those who have sacrificed it all for family, friends, and country. I too have these fallen heroes in my life and would like to honor them with my Cross Fit family. On May 7, 2008, my father, Art Wilson, died unexpectedly of Pancreatitis. As a Vietnam Veteran, he was decorated with the Purple Heart as well as the Bronze Star for Valor. In addition, he was a loving father, role model, and my first cross fit instructor by seeing how fast my brother and I could chop down trees. On December 7, 2008, my mother, Sandra Wilson, ended a long two year battle with breast cancer. She was an Italian mother from Brooklyn who could be recognized by her loving heart and thick accent. I consider her a fallen hero not only because of her endurance with putting up with three boys but also her tenacity not to give in which was portrayed over the last several weeks of her life.

The Wilson Workout of the Day is organized into “7s”. These sevens reflect that both my parents died on the seventh and exactly seven months apart. I hope that you will join me in honoring my family.  Thank you!

Your Cross fit brother,

Tim Wilson


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