PRIMUS Fitness

January 2019 Commitment Club Members

Congratulations to the 33 members who made the Commitment Club Challenge for January!!! Two of you will be the lucky winners of the $25.00  pro shop or membership credit drawing on Saturday, February 2nd. For those of you who missed out (some of you were very close!), get it on the action in February!

Adam Owens
Alexis Patterson
Alicia Moyers
Andres Reyes
Anthony Diez
Blaise Bowen
Blake Meyer
Bob Stanton
Carolina Collazo
Dennis Joseph
Devin Collins
Donna Kini-Bowen
Earl Green II
Elizabeth Stolinas
Eric Dorio
Jeff Crespo
Jenna Zurasky
Jessica Overmeyer
Joel Cahill
Joe De Armas
Keith Streger
Mauro Diez
Mike Hovis
Nicole Nasrallah
Nigel Bogaert
Patrick Randle
Ray Stolinas
Ron Prampree
Sarah Skidmore
Susana Garcia
Tammy Hettrich
Tessa McAuliff
Victor Romauldo

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