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In House Competition and Birthday Celebration

As promised, here are the details for the In House competition/party for Saturday. It’s a lot, so bear with me…

We want everyone to come out and cheer and hang out. We’ll have food and such. We’ll celebrate friendly competition, good friends and the FireBase.

We will run as quickly and efficiently, as possible, so please be prepared. We will judge this Fight Gone Bad/Open style, so athletes will judge each other, as heats allow. Everyone will need to be here for Opening remarks at 0850. We need extra judges, if you’re available. You must sign up on MindBody for heats.

We will accommodate scaled athletes and RX athletes at all waves. We have 5 waves available for a total of 60 athletes. There will be heats beginning at 9:15 and every 15:00 thereafter. The heats will be running waves with multiple heats going at once, after we begin, similar to the CF Total we did at Infidel Throwdown. We will, likely start the heats every 20:00, but MindBody only gives us 15:00 intervals as options.

RX Athletes- 2 WODS- Register for earlier heats, as top 10 athletes will advance to WOD 2. Standards- This is a rough estimate.
SX Athletes- 1 WOD. We will allow a range of scaling for this category.

WODs are in the black, for now. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 male and female RX.

0850- Opening Remarks with Supreme Commander of the FireBase.
0900- ALL Athlete Briefing with The Supreme Commander
0915- Heat 1
0930- Heat 2
0945- Heat 3
1000- Heat 4
1015- Heat 5
11:00- All Heats completed for Event 1

11:30 Top 10 RX Male and Female Competitors Begin WOD 2

Direct questions to

We are looking forward to seeing you all this weekend for the FireBase’s 5th birthday.

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