PRIMUS Fitness

Hawt Fire, 9-3-2020

Take 4-5’ to warmup squat cleans, then
Minutes 1-4: 2 medium squat cleans
Minutes 5-6: 1 heavy squat clean

Buy-in: 40 box step-ups
4 rounds of:
100m object carry (plate or sandbag)
100m KB farmer’s carry
10 Kettlebell high pulls
10 V-ups or T2B
30” planking
Cash-out: 40 push-ups

Notes: Very solid workout to go vested. Should be relatively quick with plenty of time for the HIGH section.

3 rounds / 90” rest
8 ball slams
Sled pull with rope (standing)
Sled push to cone

Notes: Two people going at a time, Strongman-style.

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