PRIMUS Fitness

Hawt Fire, 9-10-2020

2 sets of following movements – 30″ on / 30″ rest

  • Rings rows
  • Air squats
  • Dumbbell shoulder press
  • Russian twists (weighted)

After the last 30″ rest, everyone goes on a 200m warmup run.

10 rounds of
100m weighted run (plate, sandbag, vest, etc)
8 wall balls
8 situps
10″ rest
Cash-out: 60 barbell push press (empty barbell or lightweight)

Notes: Make sure to take your quick rest after each round.

3 rounds / 90″ rest
7 burpees + seated sled pulls with rope

Notes: Similar sequence as last week, except this time you’re seated and using more upper body to pull the sled to you!

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