PRIMUS Fitness

Hawt Fire, 8-13-2020

12’ EMOM

  • 10 wall balls (go heavy if you can)
  • 50m run + 10 kettlebell shrugs
  • 10 pull-ups (any variant)
  • 10 dips (box, bar or ring) + 5 barbell thrusters

Notes: Go heavy on the wall balls (25/20) if you can. Banded, jumping pull-ups or any variant can be sub’ed for pull-ups.


300m row
200m sled push (1/0)
30 bicycles
20 ball slams
10 dips
5 thrusters (115/85)
50″ planking

Notes: Sleds are supposed to be light! Shoot for 2 rounds or so.

3 sets / 90″ rest
30m farmer’s carry walk + 2 heavy thrusters

Notes: 15m out, do the thruster reps, then 15m back. Strongman-style. Use the farmer’s carry bars. Load up the weight each round!

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