PRIMUS Fitness

Hawt Fire, 7-30-2020

200 run
50m sled push no weight
1′ rest
25 ball toss sit-ups w/partner (25 each person)
15 overhead squats w/PVC
1′ rest
10 KB swings
10 shoulder shrugs with Kettlebells
50m sled push no weight

Notes: Find a partner for the sit-ups. It’s ok to wait a few extra seconds on the rest.

100m KB farmer’s carry
50m sled push (3/2)
15 push-ups
15 supermans
5 overhead squats (medium weight)
30″ rest

Notes: The medium is a little shorter than normal to allow for the extra sprint in the high section. Front squats can be subbed for OHS if needed. Should be a medium, challenging weight you can do unbroken.

4 sets / 90″ rest
8 American kettlebells swings (72/53)
30m sled push (go super heavy)

Notes: Go heavier on the KB swings if you can. Note the shorter sled push

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