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Hawt Fire, 6-25-2020🔥🔥

Equipment needed: abmat, hammer, kettlebell, barbell, PVC, dumbbells

Notes: Athletes can choose either the front squat or overhead squat option for all sections, depending on how difficult you want to make it. Medium is a little different as we’re only doing 10 minutes for this section. The high is 2 minutes sprints with 90 seconds of rest in between.

200m run
40 lunges
30″ handstand holds + 30″ rest
40 situps
40 air squats (or overhead squats w/PVC)
1′ plank hold
20 bicycles
10 KB swings
20 hammer strikes

50m kettlebell farmer’s carry
25 barbell front squats (or overhead squats)
50 bicycles
50 hammer strikes
10 PVC shoot-throughs
30″ plank hold

Notes: shoot for around 2 rounds. Barbell should be empty or very light for either option.

4 x 2′ AMRAP / 90″ rest
20 barbell front rack lunges (or overhead lunges)
15 American kettlebell swings
10 dumbbell push presses (or handstand push-ups)

Notes: These are 2′ sprints! Shoot for around 1 full round or so and try to get a few more reps each round. Try overhead lunges and handstand push-ups to really test your skill.

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