PRIMUS Fitness

Hawt Fire, 6-17-2021

10′ EMOM
Odds: 3 overhead squats off rack (medium weight)
Evens: 100m run / 50m bearhug carry

Notes: Partner up and alternate if we need more racks. Can increase weight. Do at least 2 bearhug carries with a plate.

Buy-in: 1000m run
3 rounds of
10 overhead squats (96/65)
8 burpees
1′ rest
3 rounds of
10 heavy wall balls (25/20)
8 dumbbell side rotations
1′ rest
3 rounds of
10 KB swings (53/35)
20 double-unders (2:1 singles)

Dumbbell side rotations:

3 rounds / 90″ rest
Bearhug carries + 8 wall balls

Notes: Length of gym floor. Use heavy sandbags.

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