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🔥🔥Hawt Fire, 5-7-2020🔥🔥

Equipment needed: Kettlebell, dumbbells, abmat or yoga mat

Instructions: This is a low equipment WOD and can be done with as little as a pair of dumbbells. Add in a kettlebell or even a pair of KB’s for farmer’s carry to spice it up. See below for two variations of the “Macho” complex. Crossfitters can try it with a vest to really blow themselves up.

“Macho” complex w/dumbbells
3 DB cleans
3 DB front squats
3 DB push presses

“Macho” complex w/kettlebell
3 KB upright rows
3 goblet squats
3 KB American swings

5 x every 2’ / rest remainder
1 Macho complex
100m run
15 bicycles or weighted twists or leg raises (switch it up each round)

8 rounds of the following
50m farmer’s carry
2 Machos
10 situps
30″ squat holds (hold at 90 degrees, not ass to grass)

4 rounds of
10 KB swings + 6 burpees / 90” rest

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