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🔥🔥Hawt Fire, 4-2-2020🔥🔥

Equipment needed: Two objects for farmer’s carry, box, barbell & plates. If no box is available, weighted lunges is good. If no barbell, try any kind of weight with overhead squat.

Farmers carry can be almost anything: dumbbells, kettlebells, plates, gallon water jugs, etc

12′ EMOM

  1. 50m Farmer’s carry
  2. 10 PVC or barbell overhead squats
  3. 10 Situps + 10 pushups
  4. 10 Box step-ups (no weight)

Notes: No PVC? Try a broomstick!

5 rounds of
100m Farmer’s carry
10 Box step-ups with weight
40 Bicycles
10 Overhead squats (95/65)
30 seconds wall sits

Target: 18-20′ to complete.

Notes: Wall sits are a rest but make sure to get down to parallel. Can hold the weight anyway on the box step-ups. Weighted step-ups does not have to be both objects from farmers carry…scale accordingly.

3 rounds of:
4 Overhead squats + 10 box jump overs / 60″ rest in between sets

Notes: Increase the weight on OHS if you can. Step-overs or jumpies can be sub’ed for box jump overs.

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