PRIMUS Fitness

Hawt Fire, 4-1-2021

100m run
10 good mornings (barbell only)
30″ rest
100m plate carry (45/25)
10 barbell front rack lunges (empty)
30″ rest
2 x 100m sled sprints (1/0)

Notes: This should be for quality and easy pace. Take a breather between the sled push sets.

1000m sandbag carry
1′ rest
4 rounds of
10 push-ups
8 front rack barbell lunges (95/65)

1′ rest

4 rounds of
6 pull-ups
8 front rack barbell lunges

500m sandbag carry

Notes: Some good Murph training here and this is a good one vested. If going vested, may want to lower the weight on lunges.

3 rounds / 90″ rest
2 heavy deadlifts + 30m heavy sled push

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