PRIMUS Fitness

Hawt Fire, 12-3-2020


  • 50m bearhug carry (plates)
  • 50m sled push (1/0)
  • 5 deadlifts (light) + 10 sit-ups

Buy-in: 40 Russian twists w/weight
10 rounds of
100m sandbag carry
5 burpees
2 heavy deadlifts (70-80%)
20″ planks or wall sits
Cash-out: 20 dips (or 10 bar muscle-ups)

Notes: Great for vested. Can alternate planks and wall sits. Any style of dips.

3 rounds / 90″ rest
50m bearhug carry + 50m heavy sled push

Notes: Use heavy bags, sandbags, or plates for bearhug carry. Whatever weight you are carrying must be put on the sled for the sled push. Do the full bearhug carry first and then the full sled push.

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