PRIMUS Fitness

Hawt Fire, 11-12-2020

12′ EMOM

  • 10 ball slams + 10 jumpies
  • 100m run or 30″ easy row if raining
  • 5-6 strict pull-ups or chin-ups
  • 10 Russian KB swings + 20 Russian twists w/weight

On the 4:00 x 4 rounds
60m bear crawl
16 weighted sit-ups (use slammer ball or light dumbbell)
10 American kettlebell swings (72/53)
3 rope pulls or 1 rope climb or 8 pull-ups
Planking or wall sit for the remainder of the round

Notes: Bear crawl should be length of the gym and back. Try to go heavy on the KB swings. Sub pull-ups for rope climb if you want to work on your pull-ups. Can go vested but it could be challenging to finish the rounds with any time left…you’ve been warned!

3 rounds of / 90″ rest
30m barbell front rack carry
10 wall balls
30m barbell front rack carry

Notes: Starting line is by the racks. Barbell carry to wall, then do 10 wall balls. Barbell carry back. Increase weight as needed.

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