PRIMUS Fitness

Friday, 11-13-2020

Week 3 Deadlift (90%)

Set 1 – 5 @ 75%
Set 2 – 3 @ 85%
Set 3 – 1+@ 95%

Equipment needed: Rowers for entire Class, Sled set up at Primus Wall with 3/2 plates, Sandbag ball set up to left of sled, sandbag with two 45# plates set at ‘X’ marked on ground to brace against, 4 strongman farmers carry bars set up (2 with 2×25#, 2 with 2 x 15#)

3 Rounds

1st Athlete starts by Sled Pull

All others start by Rowers

1st Athlete completes circuit while others row. At the beginning of each circuit the entire class completes 5 burpees.

Circuit – 1. Sled Pull – seated arm over arm.
2. Sled Push back to start
3. 5 x Sandbag shoulder toss over
4. 50m Farmers Carry with strong man bars

After 1st Athlete finishes, 5 burpees from all then rotate to next athlete.

Score is your Row kCal or Distance

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