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Friday, 06-21-2019

Barbell Warm up (focus on Bar path)

Strength: Snatch
1 set Every 2:30 x 8 Sets
2×2 60%
2×2 70%
2×2 80%
2×2 85%

WOD warm up
3 Rounds
100m Run
7 Wall Balls
3 Pulling Movements
3 DB Push Press

Conditioning. EMOM x16
200m Run
20 Wall Balls 20/14
Pulling Movement (ring row, pull up, muscle up)
5 Single Arm DB Push Press 30+/20+

WOD Notes. Today’s wod should allow you to have 15-20 seconds of rest. On the pulling movement pick a number that you can do unbroken for all four rounds. If your performing ring rows do 10-12 reps.

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