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Friday, 05-10-2019

Strength. Deadlifts
Superset Lunges or Box Step-ups

15’ thruster warm-up: Build to a heavy thruster single. Hit your working weight or higher during this section.

Conditioning: 3 rounds for time
3 thrusters (175/115)
100m kettlebell farmers carry
10 chest-to-bar pull ups

Rx+: 5 muscle-ups instead of C2B.

Cool down: 400m group walk.

Notes: The conditioning workout is a fast, high intensity sprint with a blend of heavy, grunt work, and high skill. The thrusters should be be super challenging, where you’re barely able to get 3 reps unbroken. If you have to drop the bar, it’s probably too heavy. Adjust the load accordingly. Scaling options include regular pull-ups or ring rows for the C2B.

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