PRIMUS Fitness

For Time

Midline Stability Work
4 x 6 Turkish Get Ups (3 per Arm)
Increase weight each set.

4 Rounds of:
12 Goblet Squat (35#M/20#F)
12 Kettlebell Swings
3 Rounds of:
20 Hand Release Pushups
20 Double Unders (4:1 SU)
2 Rounds of:
12 Knees to Elbow
12 Thrusters (95#M/65#F)


1000m Run
100m Bear Crawl

For Time.

RTG: KB-53#M/35#F,  sub 10 HSPU for pushups, sub 4 Bar Muscle Ups for K2E, Thruster- 125#M/85#F

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