PRIMUS Fitness

For Time.

As a three person team, each person must complete 50 Air Squats & 25 Push Ups.
Then as a team, 300 Wall Ball (20#/15#) in the you-go-I-go format
*1,000m Uneven Farmer’s Walk using Kettlebell (50#/44#M & 35#/25#W)
1,000m Run
50m Suicides Relay – cones set at 10m
Team 150 Deadlifts (185#/135#)
For Time.

*While Partner 1 carries the kettlebells, Partner 2 carries a Slammerball (20#). Partner 2 hands off slammerball to Partner 1 who must complete 5 Ball Slams. Partner 3 begins farmer’s walk.  Team continues to move during ball slam movements. It is up to the team member completing ball slams to catch up to the team.

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