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For Time

As a 4 person team, from Station #1 (FireBase) team must complete 300m Medball Carry (20#M/15#W) to Station #2.  At Station #2,  with only one member working at a time, complete 200 yard Medball Lunge Walk. Complete 500m Medball Carry back to Station #1.  Team must pick up barbell, weight & clamps and return to Station #2, assemble bar* and complete 125 reps of Push Press (95#M/65#W).  Disassemble bar and return to Station #1 by completing 800m Run.  At Station #1, assemble bar to complete 100 reps of Push Jerk (95#M/65#W).  Leave bar at Station #1, complete 800m Run. Return to Station #1, complete 300 Pull Ups**. For Time.

*If bar touches ground on assembly, transfer or disassembly, 10 Burpees penalty per person on team.
** Only one team member on the bar completing pull ups at a time.

Best of Luck to Jay (“Tank”) as he is leaving to the US Coast Guard later this year & Happy 14th Birthday to Sammie, who spent one month of her summer training with us while visiting from MA.

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