PRIMUS Fitness

For Time

As a 3 person team, the following movements must be completed as follows:

200m Overhead Walking Lunge (45#M/35#W)

800m Run with 2 Pairs of Dumbells (25#M/15#W)

200 Pull-Ups

800m Run with 2 Pairs of Dumbells

200 Push Press (75-95#M/55-65#W)

800m Run with 2 Pairs of Dumbells

While P1 begins walking lunge,  P2 & P3 wait at start line until P1 calls “Switch”. P2 sprints up to P1, bar is traded off, P2 begins Walking Lunges. P1 returns to start.  P2 lunges until “Switch” is called, P3 sprints up to P2, bar is traded off, P3 begins lunges Team collects 2 Pairs of Dumbells and begins 800m Run. Once run complete, execute 200 Push Press (75-95#M/55-65#W). Once complete, Team collects Dumbells and begins 800m Run.  Time is called when entire team crosses finish line.  (If 4 person team, must complete 250 reps of Pull-Ups and Push Press).

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