PRIMUS Fitness

Fantastic 4

4 Stations:

1) Row 15 Calories
2) Burpee Pullups
3) Power Cleans
4) Wall Sit

4 Rounds For Time.

Athletes will work through 4 stations. Row for calories is the time keeper. Athletes switch stations when rowing athlete reaches 15 calories.

For each rep of Power Clean and Burpee, 1 second will be deducted from time.
Each second of rest on Wall sit incurs a 1 Burpee penalty assessed after 4th round and before time is called.

Power Cleans:
RX+: 135#/95#
RTG: 155/115#

Wall Sit
RX: Bodyweight
RX+: 15#/10#
RTG: 25#/15#


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