PRIMUS Fitness


Warm Up. Good Mornings
2 x 5 Warm Up sets
6 x 8 Increasing weight each set

Barbell Warm Up
Hang Clean
Shoulder to Overhead

Every Minute On The Minute for as long as possible complete:
3 Deadlifts
3 Hang Cleans
3 Shoulder to Overhead
RX– 115/75
Open – 135/95
Regionals– 155/110
Games– 185/125

Should be heavy enough you are Push Jerking or Split Jerking
If taking :30 or less after 5 rounds, increase weight.
If taking :30 or less after 10 rounds, increase weight.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Cash Out:
3 x 12 Overhead Walking Lunge with Plate (45/25) or Barbell (75/45)
4 x :45 Plank Holds


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