PRIMUS Fitness


Mobility. Barbell Quad Smash

Every Minute on the Minute Squat Ladder
1:00-10:00 Overhead Squats
11:00- 20:00 Front Squats
21:00-26:00 Back Squats

Minute 1, complete 1 Front Squat. Minute 2, complete 2 front squats, etc…
Continue pattern on the minute until you can no longer complete all reps in 1:00 time.
You may sit the bar down to rest.
When athlete can no longer complete all reps in 1:00, move on to core work.

3 Rounds for quality of:
10 Strict Toes to Bar*
3 Pullup Negatives

*Sub is Max Effort Hanging L-Sit


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