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EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Mastering  Double-Unders

1. You Need To Get You Own Rope That Fits Correctly

Getting a speed rope at the right length will change your daily double-under  frustrations  from being able to hit a few here and there towards beginning to build your unbroken double under arsenal. If you invest in your own speed rope, play around with the length. While stepping on the middle of the rope with one foot the hinges of the handles should measure between your armpits to the bottom of your chest. It will all depend on your arm/hand placement while jumping.

Websites For Rope Purchase: 

2. Remember It’s All In The Wrist.

The movement of the rope needs to be initiated by your wrist. Shoulders to stay relaxed while you core stays in a tight hollow body (flexed) position. Elbows should be fairly close/tucked into your sides with your hands slightly in front of your shoulders. Your wrists spin or flick the rope instead of using big sweeping arm and elbow circles = Carl Paoli via = Carl Paoli via

3. Get Bouncy & Use A Cadence

All of your jumping should come from your feet/ankles/calves. When doing singles your feet stay nice and close to the ground in front while almost holding a hollow body position. This body positioning should not change when doing double-unders. NO donkey kicking behind, NO front knee tucking, NO traveling forwards/backwards or side to side with every jump. Think BOUNCE ONE-TWO while performing your doubles with the ONE-TWO cadence being the two flicks of your wrists for a double spin of the rope. You should feel light and steady in your jumps while matching the rhythm of the rope. Start with a BOUNCE ONE, BOUNCE ONE, BOUNCE ONE directly into a BOUNCE ONE-TWO making sure your wrists flick two times at the peak (highest point) of your jump.  = Chris Spealler via CrossFit Park City


Practice every time you step into the gym. A few minutes of DU practice each session will allow your body to become more and more comfortable with the correct techniques and movement. Soon you will be making progress from 1-2 DUs, then 5-10, then 25 unbroken, until 100 unbroken DUs becomes a reality.

Double Unders Will Be Mastered!!!

Tommy Kasper

Max Rep Double-Unders

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