PRIMUS Fitness

Death by Burpee Spectacular

As a two person team, complete as many rounds as possible in 40 minutes of:
20 Burpee to Pull Ups*
20 Mr Spectaculars (20#/15#)*
400m SlammerBall Carry/Burpee Relay (25#/20#)

*20 total reps split between team.  can break up reps however needed.
*Mr Spectaculars (click on link for description)
*Slammerball Carry/Burpee Relay – On go,  Partner 1 runs with slammerball while Partner 2 performs one burpee & sprints to Partner 1.  Ball is then passed to Partner2 who proceeds to run, Partner 1 performs burpee and sprints up to Partner 2, and so on until 400m Run completed.

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