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CrossFit Striking Trainer Course 11/8-11/9

A Brief CrossFit Striking Course Description:

CrossFit Striking Trainer Course is designed to give participants the essential skills that will allow them to instruct athletes in the basic striking concepts of mixed martial arts, boxing and self-protection. Participants will be taught how to properly incorporate striking
drills into CrossFit workouts so that overall fitness,
core strength, rotational speed and power can be increased.

This Specialty Course offers you:

1) The ability to learn and teach proper striking mechanics from the ground up. 
2) The skill set to properly incorporate striking drills into CrossFit workouts. 
3) The techniques for increasing core strength, rotational speed and power. 
4) The ability to Implement CrossFit Striking WODs into your weekly programming.

*Over 40 boxes around the U.S. and beyond have implemented CrossFit Striking WODs into their weekly programming.

Here is what they say . . .
“Our athletes love the challenge that Striking WODs provide as well as the intensity and added variety in their workouts.” 
Eve Fatz, Lotus CrossFit

“The course has something to offer everybody–from the novice up to highly skilled MMA fighters.”  
Officer Chuck DiChiara , Law Enforcement Instructor

About George Ryan: 
George Ryan is the creator of the CrossFit Striking Trainer Course and is a Level 1 CrossFit and Level 1 CrossFit Kettlebell instructor. He has been involved in martial arts for over 29 years and is a member of the martial arts Master’s Hall of Fame. In addition, George is a full-time SWAT officer and has his taught his system of defensive tactics to law enforcement officers and tactical operators around the country for 15 years.

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