PRIMUS Fitness

“Crash Site”

All movements are completed as a Four Person Team, only one person at a time completing reps.  With the exception of the Start/Station #1, each member must complete 75 Air Squats for a total of 300 Air SquatsRun 200m to Station #2 a/k/a ‘Crash Site’ and pick up the ‘small downed pilot’, two 45# barbell to be carried by two team members at all times.  The barbells cannot touch the ground while the clock is running. At crash site, complete 300 Box Jumps (22″). Run 400m to Station #3 while carrying barbells, complete 300 Push PressRun 400m to Station #4, complete 300 Kettlebell Swings. Run 800m back to the FireBase and complete 200 Pull Ups at Station #5. After pull ups are complete, return barbells to Station #2, complete 800m Run. Time is called once all team members have crossed the finish line.

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