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Buddy WOD & Update from Oktoberfest!

While Partner 1 Rows, Partner 2 must complete the following exercises:

10 DBall Slams

20 Box Jumps

30 Kettlebell Swings

20 Air Squats

10 Dumbell Push Press

Once exercises are complete, Partner 2 calls “SWITCH” & Partner 1 must begin the series of exercises while Partner 2 begins to Row.  Continue to Row until 3200m, then move to 800m Run.  Time is called upon completion of run.





Update from OKTOBERFEST CROSSFIT GAMES, Hosted by Crossfit Middle Tennessee.


Many of you know, Trevor P., Lindsey G. (“Gooch”), Steve H. (“Ladies Man”) and Billy H. are competing this weekend at the Oktoberfest Crossfit Games in Crossfit Middle Tennessee.  Standings as of last night are as follows:

“Gooch” – 5th out of 17 female competitors.

“Ladies Man” – 14th out of 59 male competitors

Trevor P. – 22nd out of 59

Billy H. – 51st out of 59

Thanks for representing Crossfit Firebase! You are awesome!

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