PRIMUS Fitness

Buddy, Are You Okay?

2 Person Team

Partner 1: Runs 400 m  Partner 2: Rows until Partner 1 returns

While Partner 1 completes 50m Uneven Farmer’s Walk with #45 Barbell & #35 Dumbell, Partner 2 moves from Rower to exercises listed below.  "Switch" is called when Partner 1 returns to starting line, each person sprints 25m and each begins the exercise the other completed.  The following exercises are executed while partner is ‘walking’: 

Dumbell Thrusters

Push Ups

Med Ball Clean

Box Jumps


At the end, Partner 1 Rows while Partner 2 completes 400m Run.  Time is called when Run complete!



RX PLUS: 2 Rounds for One Minute Each of:

Unity Pole  – Get Ups – Air Squats




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