PRIMUS Fitness

Blue Pill/Red Pill

Olympic Weighlifting.

Group Warm Up and Burgener Warm Up, then
Find your 1 Rep Max on the Snatch.

A – Run or Row 200’s
6 x 200M Run/Row (2:1 Rest:Work)
Rest 4 minutes
4 x 200m Run/Row (2:1 Rest:Work)

B – OTM Prowler
10 x 15sec Prowler Sprint, Rest 45 Seconds (50#M/20#W)

Rest 4 Minutes

5 x 15sec Prowler Push, Rest 45 Seconds (20#M/0#W)

Finish with 5 Rounds of 3 Max Height Box Jumps,
then 10 Hollow Rocks

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