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And The Winners of the Paleo Challenge Are….

Jan 2011 Jessie Before


Apr 2011 Jessie Now

At first the transition from eating mostly processed foods to unprocessed was difficult. Over time I learned how to change my eating habits and now enjoy eating only Paleo food. I immediately had more energy throughout the day and during the workouts. The results are amazing and my body feels so much better! I wish I had listened to everyone and started Paleo diet when I joined Crossfit Firebase two years ago!  -Jessie B.

Jessie’s Final Results – 11lbs of Muscle Gained, 17lbs of Body Fat Lost, Dropped 5% Body Fat, 6 Lbs Down

Jan 2011 Chris Before

Apr 2011 Chris Now

I’ve been working out at Crossfit Firebase for over two years now, and over those years, my weight and performance has fluctuated greatly. I had a pretty consistent cycle of getting disgusted with myself, which led to a short health kick, and then I would go right back into my normal routine of eating anything. During the holidays, I had a self-realization that I was the biggest (not muscle), that I had been over the last two years  and needed to change something quickly. When I heard about the Paleo Challenge at Firebase, I knew it was just what I needed to get back on track. I had already read, “The Paleo Diet for Athletes,”  so I had already tried and struggled with Paleo in the past. This time around I decided to take a new approach and look at food in an entirely different way. I would only consider food as my body’s fuel source and anything that wasn’t paleo was a detriment to my body and progress. The concept of this challenge also kept me motivated, especially having the before pictures, weight, and measurements recorded. It was very beneficial to have a benchmark to work from, so you constantly know where you stand. I didn’t really focus on my weight, but I did measure myself on an almost daily basis to make sure I was staying on track, and seeing the results as they occurred was very motivational.

During the first couple of days on paleo, I found that I was more tired than usual and lacked energy during my workouts, but that went away very quickly. There were some tough days, either out at restaurants or at friends’ houses, where I’d have to turn down food, that I would ordinarily love to eat.  I would sometimes have some cravings for something sweet, but found that some fruit would always satisfy that craving. Once you cut out all the needless sugars from your diet, it’s amazing how good fruits and vegetables start to taste. As much as I love pasta, rice, and potatoes, I can honestly say that I really don’t miss them, and I have become comfortable with the idea that I won’t be eating them anymore.  I wasn’t always strict paleo during the challenge. On the weekends I’ve been known to consume an adult beverage or two, and that didn’t really change. I just made sure that I didn’t make bad food choices while drinking or wouldn’t eat at all while drinking. I have continued my new caveman lifestyle since the paleo challenge and I don’t have any plans to stop.

I am extremely pleased that I participated in the Firebase Paleo Challenge, and I definitely recommend it to everyone, no matter what fitness level you are at. My physical results are better than I imagined they would be, but I’m even happier about the increase in energy and confidence that I’ve experienced both inside and outside of the gym.  I would like to thank everyone at Firebase for helping me get where I am today. No matter what mood I’m in on any given day, I know when I’m there, that I’m going to have a great time and amazing workout.

-Chris C.

Chris’ Final Results – 13lbs of Body Fat Lost, Dropped 4% Body Fat, 12″ Down and Total 15 lbs Lost.

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