PRIMUS Fitness

11:00 AMRAP

Front Squats
5 Reps at 55% of 1RM
5 Reps at 65% of 1RM
3 Reps at 75% of 1RM
5 Reps at 85% of 1RM
3 Reps at 90% of 1RM
AMRAP at 95% of 1RM

AMRAP in 11:00 of:
Double Unders

Start with Burpees. You may move to Double Unders at any time. However, you may only complete 3x what you did in Burpees. Then, you move back to Burpees. e.g., 10 Burpees = 30 Double Unders, max. Score is total number of Burpees and Double Unders.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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